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Here is your chance to improve your tennis elbow? Tired of that nagging pain in your elbow? Unable to pick up the kettle or the groceries? Typing at your computer becoming a painful drag? Craig Paulsen Physio gives you the top tips to reduce your pain. How does it start? Tennis elbow is a tendinopathy condition. Tendinopathy occurs when the stress and strain placed on your tendon exceeds its ability

Do you suffer from heel pain? Struggle getting out bed due to pain? Does pain stop you from your daily run or gym routine? Heel pain, is commonly known as plantar fasciitis. Central Coast Physio Craig Paulsen provides you with five proven treatments that will give you startling result. Breakthrough Pain. Your Physio will provide remarkable pain relief from soft tissue massage to your lower leg. Taping techniques are quick and

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee? Does your knee give you pain? Frustrated about missing time with the grand kids, walking, holidays and gardening? Central Coast Physio, Craig Paulsen provides proven results backed by research to reduce your knee pain.  At a Structural level osteoarthritis of knee is the softening of the knee cartilage. The soft bone under the cartilage develops bruising and produces pain. When in pain we