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Low Back Pain, A Physiotherapists guide to being pain free, fast.

One in four individuals will suffer an episode of low back pain in their lifetime. Low back can stop you in your tracks. Are you sick and tired of ongoing pain that interferes with your life? The Good news: low back pain is treatable. Central Coast Physio Craig Paulsen provides all you need to know to get the best results. 

What is the cause of my low back pain?

Low back pain occurs when our bodies are overloaded. Stress from daily movements or exercise exceeds our low backs ability to cope. The imbalance of stress and strain creates pain in the tissue’s in our back. Pain is the body’s warning system that tissue within your back has been injured and is in a healing phase. 

Will a scan help?

Research has shown that in the majority of cases having an X-Ray or MRI scan of your low back will not help. The reason for this is due to a poor relationship between structural changes and pain. An example of this is an individual may have advanced osteoarthritis and suffer no pain while working as a builder. 

Your Physiotherapist will only send you for a scan if you have any of the following signs. Suspected nerve compromise leading to referred pain in your legs. Changes in your bladder or bowel function. Pain suspected to be from your abdominal organs. 

How to get the best recovery. 

  • Your Physiotherapist will provide massage and spinal mobilisation. Qualified physiotherapist will provide the right amount of pressure that is safe for your back. Discover the amazing benefits of reduced pain and extra movement.  
  • Remaining active speeds up your recovery. In the early stages of low back pain it is best to avoid prolonged periods of rest. 
  • Expert analysis of your pain will determine what are the positions that will ease your pain. Physiotherapist will give you strategies that you can trial throughout your day to reduce your pain. Often this may involve a particularly back stretch that will be customised to your low back to get the best results. 

Building a stronger version of you. 

Exercise will help with your recovery and prevent the pain. Your Physio Advantage are industry experts in providing personalised exercise programs. Every program we design is unique to the individual’s movement analysis. In short this means larger reductions in pain and a faster recovery. 

If you have been struggling with low back pain contact us today. 

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