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The quickest and easiest way to treat knee pain.

Do you suffer from osteoarthritis of the knee? Does your knee give you pain? Frustrated about missing time with the grand kids, walking, holidays and gardening? Central Coast Physio, Craig Paulsen provides proven results backed by research to reduce your knee pain. 

At a Structural level osteoarthritis of knee is the softening of the knee cartilage. The soft bone under the cartilage develops bruising and produces pain. When in pain we become less active. Resting leads to muscles weakness and loss of strength. It is the loss of strength not structural changes that inhabits our ability to live a busy life. The good news is that safe exercise programs can reverse the weakness.

You may ask why exercise is the easiest method for pain relief? Just one session of exercise can immediately reduce your pain. Injections into your knee often don’t work or are short lasting. Discoverer how a physio guided exercise program can reduce your pain by 45% and increase physical activity. Exercise will control your osteoarthritis symptoms. Strengthening the muscles around the knee to relieve the painful tissue within your knee. Learn effective ways to reduce your pain. 

Discover how to get the best results

  • Complete a proven program of neuromuscular control exercises. Aim for 2 sessions per week. The program completed at home, requires limited equipment. 
  • Manual therapy techniques will give pain reduction in your first session. 
  • Get Advice about safe physical exercise. Good choices include bike riding and aquatic exercise which are less strenuous on the knee.
  • Learn how to modify your diet and reduce your pain medication. 

Take this opportunity to gain confidence in your knees. Take control and learn to climb the stairs pain free. Start living every day and even plan your next interstate walking holiday. If you want big results make an appointment https://yourphysioadvantage.com.au/online-bookings/ to see our knee physio today.  

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