Author: justine

One of the most common injuries presenting to physiotherapy clinics is ankle injuries. This frequently occurs from the ankle rolling in while playing sports that requires a sudden change of direction. It also occurs due to slips and trips on uneven ground and stairs. The anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL) and Calneocuboid ligament (CFL) can be sprained. Your physio will grade the severity of your sprain from 1, small number of fibres torn up to a grade

A tendon is a long elastic collagen material which attaches muscles in the body to the bones.  They are lever points which transfer energy to allow us to move. Tendon overuse injuries can occur anywhere in the body. The most common regions that tendon issues occur are the Achilles tendon, the patella tendon, the rotator cuff tendons and tendons of the elbow.  Historically many names have been used for tendon pain including tendonitis, tendinitis, tendinosis