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Plantar fasciitis

5 ways to beat plantar fasciitis.

Do you suffer from heel pain? Struggle getting out bed due to pain? Does pain stop you from your daily run or gym routine? Heel pain, is commonly known as plantar fasciitis. Central Coast Physio Craig Paulsen provides you with five proven treatments that will give you startling result.

Breakthrough Pain.

Your Physio will provide remarkable pain relief from soft tissue massage to your lower leg. Taping techniques are quick and easy. It provides pain reduction for those in a hurry to return to their best. 

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes and Shoes.

Take this opportunity to purchase comfortable shoes with support. What is the best shoe for you? Look for comfort. A shoe should give immediate pain relief. Try to avoid walking barefoot. Spend as much time in those new shows as possible. In summer thongs or sandals that have arch support are best. They are great to wear when the heel is sore getting out of bed. 

Build Strength

Get remarkable results by building strength in the calf and foot muscles. Physiotherapists can show you how to quickly and easily build up your strength to ease your pain. Improving strength will speed your recovery back to sport.

Smarter training

Plantar Fasciitis occurs when the plantarfacia is stressed and overloaded. Recovery requires a period of time for the tissue to repair. During this time it’s important to strike a balance between rest, work and training. To much rest is a short term cure but pain will return once you recommence training.  Expert help from a physio will assist you to design a training plan that balances rest and recovery.

Strassburg Sock

But wait. Make no mistake. These socks may not be the most fashionable; but get quick results even in the most stubborn cases. 

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